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The Western Canadian Karting Championship wants to send the best driver to represent Canada at the 2018 Rotax Grand Finals in Brazil. To create the most equal playing field the best choice is to have engines supplied by the factory for the racers. May the best driver win. Engine price is based on the racer committing to the three weekend championship.

Please note that anyone can compete in the WCKC championship. You can run your Rotax engine. The lottery engines are for only racers who want to compete for a Grand Finals ticket. The main reason for this is engines are not all built equal and parents and racers can spend over $10,000 building Rotax engines. We have eliminated that and created a equal playing field that all can compete in. Typical engine rentals from the top engine builder today range from $900-1500 USD. We have created a program that brings engine rental to a affordable price. All we ask is for your commitment to all three rounds.

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