Micro Max Cadet Class 2019

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February 28, 2019
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March 6, 2019

Micro Max Cadet Class 2019

The Western Canadian Karting Championship would like to announce that in 2019 the Micro Max class will be run in the Lottery program just like Mini, Jr. and Sr. as in 2018.

When a Micro driver enters WCKC for $350+tax you will get the use of the lottery engine and that also includes FREE ENTRY into the WCKC race.

If a driver does not want to use the lottery motor the entry will be the same $265.00 but will not be eligible for the Rotax International Trophy prize.

The Micro Max class will get
a extra incentive to run in the lottery program. The winner of each round will receive a paid entry fee which includes a Micro Max engine lottery, racing tires and entry fee. The Rotax International Trophy race will be held in Le Mans, France August 21-24, 2019. Each driver will also receive some extra funding from the WCKC to help with added costs.

This is an amazing opportunity to get our young racers from the West international experience. They will come back home as smarter, stronger faster racers. The costs generally to enter International races is very expensive so having your entry, race tires, engine all paid for will be huge in savings. WCKC also wants to sponsor each driver with a financial incentive to help offset the costs. More details to follow.

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