Drop Down Bumpers For Rotax Classes

2019 WCKC Supplementary Regulations
January 31, 2019
Micro Max Cadet Class 2019
February 28, 2019

Drop Down Bumpers For Rotax Classes

For 2019 season the Western Canadian Karting Championship will be utilizing the drop down bumper brackets in all Rotax classes.

“We have tested and used the drop down bumpers at large international races and it really has cleaned up the racing. Its our focus to create the best events possible with safety as a priority and to have clean races. We understand in the heat of the moment pushing and contact can happen. But racers need to know that they can not benefit from making contact and move up spots. Now you have to think about protecting your nose cone.” Blake Choquer.

Contact your local dealer to purchase a set. Prices range from $29.00-$35.00.

If you forget to pick up a set WCKC will have kits available for sale at the events.

BC Dealers
A&J Karting
BBR Karting
Black Racing Engines
Es Team Racing
Interior Kart Centre
Madonna Racing

Alberta Dealers
CRG West
Overdrive Motorsports
SKZ Motorsports

Saskatchewan Dealers
SCR Racing

Manitoba Dealers
BRE Karting

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