Sportsmanship Awards Calgary

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May 29, 2018
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Sportsmanship Awards Calgary

The first round of the 2018 Western Canadians has come to an end, and we crowned many winners and podium finishers over the two days. The racing was amazing, competitive and the numbers were great.

No matter what, racing can bring out the most competitive spirits in all of us. Sometimes it can bring out the best, and sometimes the worst but at the end of the day we are all competing for the same spots, and enjoying our weekend at the track with friends and family.

WCKC would like to take a moment and recognize the special moments, acts of kindness, and respect that we saw between competitors that may not get the recognition that it truly deserves. That is why we created the sportsmanship award. Our goal is to award one driver, mechanic or family member that went above and beyond and showed great sportsmanship, kindness or respect at the event.

What most people don’t realize is that there were some awesome stories that came from the first round. Here’s one story that is pretty amazing… We had CTV and Global news cover the event. Because of this coverage, a 74 year old man saw it on tv. The next day it just so happened that he saw Susanna, our marketing/social media manager for the event in the grocery store at Sobey’s, in Strathmore. He said he saw it on the news, and always wanted a kart, but didn’t know where the track was. Susanna drew a map to the track, and the very next day when Susanna was going around taking photos, and she bumped into the 74 year old man, who was excited to announce that he just bought his very first kart. The sport of karting is for all ages and it can help bring a community of passionate race fans together to enjoy a sport we all love.

Our Sportsmanship award for Calgary goes to two individuals.

James Altamirano

James Altamirano raced two classes both Briggs Junior and Rotax Junior. The top drivers were in Calgary for WCKC and James was at the top of the charts in Briggs winning Saturday and finishing 6th on Sunday. He had very impressive results considering the depth of the field. In Rotax Junior James decided to compete and focus on the CKRC club championship and not compete in the WCKC. With this decision he was allowed to run the local Vega Blue tires instead of the Mojo D2 tires the Westerns are utilizing. James had every right to run the club rules as WCKC is an inter-club championship. With this James was the fastest amongst the Junior drivers about .5 seconds a lap faster. There was a bit of concern that James could maybe affect the Championship points and so the request was made to the officials for James to start at the back. James and his family kindly agreed to the request. As the green flag dropped, James showed great speed and amazing race craft. Within 8 laps he went through the 15 car field straight to P1. It was a very impressive drive and he showed great race craft.

After the race the officials got together and decided it would be best if he started in P1, 3-5 seconds ahead of the group. This way the others competing could have their own start, and James could run fast laps by himself out front. Again James and his family agreed and were very gracious to cater to the WCKC.

Its not very often a racer or family is so cooperative and respectful in trying not to cause any issues for other racers. James did an amazing job and we give him huge respect and appreciation for his efforts and support.

Thank You James from WCKC.

Steven Humeniuk

I met Steven earlier in the week at the track, and right away I could feel his passion and excitement for the sport. He is very new to karting and had great questions and wanted to learn and improve. When we did the karting school he was at the front of the class, listening and asking questions. Steven competes in Briggs Junior and Rotax Junior. Earlier in the week his chassis cracked and he had to get it welded. What you may not know is that this is a Mother/son team. It is great to see moms (Karen) out there supporting their kids and turning wrenches in a world that can be very dominated by dads.

On Sunday Steven’s race in the final came to an end very early on in the race. First or second lap he got pushed and made contact with another kart. Steven instead of driving off in his kart to continue on, jumped out of his seat to help the other driver who was stuck. Once the driver was free and going Steven then got back in his kart to go.

It’s not very often you see other racers in those kind of situations think about others first. That was a very kind gesture and a was a very respectable thing to do.

Thank you Steven for your kindness from WCKC.

Both drivers will not only be recognized for there sportsmanship but also will recieve a $25 gift card to Best Buy and a free WCKC t-shirt. We thank you at WCKC.  We hope others learn from your . We hope others can learn from your great examples. If you catch anyone in an act of kindness feel free to send us the story story.

Building a karting community through kindness.

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