Welcome To WCKC 2018

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December 19, 2014
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September 27, 2017

Welcome To WCKC 2018

Welcome to the Western Canadian Karting Championship home of the most elite series from BC to Manitoba. First and foremost we want to thank all of the racers, families, teams, sponsors and organization for making the 2018 season the best series ever.  Our goal is to build a series that helps promote the sport of karting, create events that all racers can enjoy and travel to new tracks, learn and compete at a higher level then club and at the end of the day have a great time with fellow racers and families.

Once upon a time the Western Canadian Karting Championship was one of the best series in North America. Due to a loss in organizational management the series began to fall apart. In 2017 a group of Canadian Karting Industry leaders came together to invest in Western Canada’s karting future and reviving the WCKC with a huge injection of management skills and capital.

2018  brings an opportunity that will change the way racing has been done in the past for Western Canada. Our goal is to create a great racing environment from the club racer all the way up to our National pilots while keeping it financially affordable to all and sustainable

WCKC will be introducing some programs never seen before in the sport of karting. We have spent countless hours researching and talking to our customers to find out what is needed to make the series a success and something that will continue on into the future. Here are some key areas of focus:


With a track in each major city the distance between each track location can range anywhwere from 4 hours to 24 hours of driving time. The problem with this is the extra time required to take off work to drive to the next event plus the additional costs and wear and tare on vehicles and equipment. WCKC has decided to take this problem head on and have found a solution. We have chosen to provide racers with transportation of their equipment to the next round using a semi to transport everything all for the price of a flat fee of $100.00. Now racers can simply fly in and let WCKC handle the transportation.

No more extra days off work to drive to an event.

Event Schedule

WCKC will be a three day event with practice on Friday and two separate race days on Saturday and Sunday. Now on Friday morning we will be providing a coaching clinic in the first two hours. We will show any racers wanting the lines, techniques, and provide technical advice to help kick the weekend off on the right foot. The goal of this program is to educate racers and help them learn. It can be overwhelming coming to a new track and we want to welcome everyone and make them feel comfortable.  After the coaching sessions we will transition into regular practice.

Races can be boring to watch. The starts are exciting and in most cases after the first five laps the race is over. Who wants to watch that. Its one of the main reasons why karting is not a spectator sport. Its our focus to change all that. How do we do this…Introduce full course cautions. If there is a accident and at every half way point we will throw the yellow flags, racers must slow down and go single file taking the green flag. The goal is to bring more action to the race. Allow more drivers to re-enter a race and give a second chance to drivers. We all know accidents happen and its a unfortunate aspect of racing. Its time to change all that and create a action packed weekend with a series worth watching from start to finish.


Karting has to be cost effective and the ultimate focus is sustainable. Our goal at WCKC is to create a series that drivers will compete at all events and continue on a annual basis. One of the key factors is to minimize costs. Through corporate sponsors we want to create cheaper entry fees that are un-paralleled at National level. National level entries are ranging between $900-1200 dollars. Our goal is to be under $200.

Tire budget is also a concern. Drivers will only be allowed to use two sets of tires for the entire event. One set is for practice only. Starting at 12:00 on friday when official practice starts drivers will be using whatever tires they decide to use for practice. During race days drivers will be using their one set of checked race tires.

Tires will be purchased from the dealer and will be marked at the designated times.

Verified Rotax Engines

In a perfect world we would provide engines through raffle to each competitor. Financially its just not possible. But we do have a game plan for the Micro and Mini class. With major discussions among our technical committee we have decided that for 2018 the micro and mini engines will be verified before hand through dyno testing to ensure they meet a specific range of power. If a engine is over the spec range it will not be allowed to compete and has to be de-tuned. It will cost a competitor $100 to get their engines verified. The engines will be painted and registered before the race. The goal is to create a equal playing field and to eliminate any large budget racers might have towards engine development. WCKC focus is to create a equal playing field.

Other Notes

Race Monitor will be on from Friday starting at 12:00. Transponders Mandatory.


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