Rotax Champions Are Going To The Grand Finals

2018 Racing Teams
September 27, 2017
WCKC Round 1 May 17-19
October 14, 2017

Rotax Champions Are Going To The Grand Finals

Thank you to BRP Rotax for making this all possible we are proud to announce that each class of the Rotax program in WCKC will be offered a ticket to the Rotax Grand Finals for 2018. This will include Rotax Mini Max, Junior, Senior.


Mini Max for the first time we will be sending a hopeful representative from Western Canada. The last two years it was impossible for a Western Canadian driver to compete for the Grand Finals ticket.  One would have had to competed at all Eastern Canadian Karting events. Finally we are on the map to building a program and helping our cadets develop and learn on a international level.

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